Reveries of a stranger

Met a poet on the road

an ardor in those eyes..

traipsing about in the summer sky

in search of  his paradise.

Out lander that stranger; with his twisted smile..

trudging across  alleys, the wind by his side.

I thought I heard him call my name,

turned around..and to my dismay..

a bare passage  into the oblivion;

greets my delirious gaze.

© Toothfairy,2016






In memory of The Nirbhayas.

At 23

Her life washed away;

she would have made a god doctor,

a teacher maybe,

anything she chose to be.

At 23

She would have dreamt ;

of a happy marriage,

a wedding perhaps,

blooming love that now would never be.

At 23

Can you imagine?

the life you sketch for yourself..

torn apart savagely!

But why stop at 23?

Remember those crushed at 15..5..and 43?






Do you hear the screams?

You , who speaks of human rights!

Oh never mind..

Just another story… another day

Sip your coffee , turn the page

It gets soft with time ..this rage.

A life lost…

mere 23 years of age.

December 16, 2012

December 16 th and the memory of Jyoti will be etched in my mind.

It was my favourite month..I woke up one cold morning to the news of a gang rape which occurred in Delhi.  Rape.. We have heard this word so often that over a period it had stopped invoking any kind of response. Just another headline , another debate and then just another milestone along the timeline of news channels.

The media coined the word Nirbhaya for the victim.. Nir bhaya..one without fear..  I found the word atrocious. A name given by society to rid itself of the guilt.

As the day passed , more details of the gory incident emerged.. the anger I felt was reverberated among every one else too . India witnessed massive demonstrations and admist all that we  hoped for her survival.

She passed away 2 days before the year could end. At just 23 years of age. Her ambitions washed away.

The Supreme court has finally granted death sentence to the three guilty. However, I refuse to celebrate this judgement. A judgement being granted after 5 years cannot and should not be held as a norm in our country anymore. The juvenile is out with a changed name and a changed life according to the welfare committee.. but lets ask ourselves is  a man capable of committing such a gruesome crime allowed to live a normal life? Why then are we as a society turning a blind eye to cases of rape? And do not assume the trend runs only in india.. laws in relation to rape are weak in many parts of the world. How do we as a community continue to ignore the stories of those stripped off their dignity and basic rights?

The case of Jyoti sing was just one among the many… Aruna shaunbaugh ..Bilkis bano..among the many others that are forgotten.

The struggle against rape is not going to end with the death sentence.  Our fight is against the narrow shackles of society;

the idea of chauvinism,domination and misogyny;

the idea that a woman can be silenced easily;

all accumulated over ages of  religious and social bias.

I am reminded  of the famous lines by Maya Angelou

“I am a woman.


Phenomenal woman.

That’s me.”

Let us never forget that.



Jaded Impressions

I hoped for sunny days,

after that thunderstorm;

kissed atop flowerbeds,

gleeful music background,

and ramblings from dusk to dawn;

but that.. that was before we met,

when you were an image in my head.

Those days when i was in love..

with the mere idea of being in love;

and now that the masks are off,

I pick up the pieces of a shattered heart,

careful not to prick myself,

rearranging them over,

to fit with yours.

© Toothfairy,2017.


Half cup of tea

Half cup of tea,

biscuits by the side,

daily evening news,

her only delight..

The unfinished book,

pages folded in,

she starts a fresh chapter,

but hardly gets by..

The leftover dishes,

from melancholy dinners,

consumed in thoughts,

limited by frontiers..

Frail, drab, dim,

these threads of silk,

tear apart from her sleeve,

she strives to stitch them in,

slowly they wane ..one at a time.

Six shades of Love

It’s that time of the year again..roses , chocolates ,gifts and the promise of loving each other.

Valentines day.

I may argue  why do people need a particular day to celebrate their love?..but on second thoughts why be a killjoy! We love those gifts and the flowers..another reason to receive them! No complaints..as long as we get them.

Love..so many kinds of them..so many shades of something that should be absolute.

We have the selfless love..the kind  you only receive from your parents..blood thicker than water..along those lines. No bargains required. No questions asked. Just pure compassionate love. It’s so rare to find this with someone else..and if you do..well you definitely have the lady luck by your side..smiling ever so beautifully.

The unrequited love..the saga of getting friendzoned..watching your crush walk past you while you live with the hope of maybe..someday and the could have beens  . Ouch! painful kind of love.

Forgotten love.. a chapter from the past you got over , buried the love you had ..but once in a while it pops up..recalled for a moment and then again you push it back .

Hate love..loved someone once and ended on a bad note? ..you could hate the person so much..and yet some part of you is still in love..why else would you be consumed with such a strong emotion . Apathy..that’s the word you need to look up . Hate-love..the wounding  love..unless you let go.

Convenient love..as seen in some arranged marriages..good looking?..educated?..OK! alright come lets fall in love! You may tell me that’s not how things work..maybe..but it’s convenient love at first, before any other shade takes over..debatable.

Finally…the one true love..soul mate love..the feel good movie kind of love,the love you were destined to be with. as fabled and clichéd it may sound, everyone has their perfect match out there.It could come in any age ,any color ,any size ,any religion .This kind.. knows no barriers. If you can’t find them on the street, turn to the corners and if they are not there either check the rooftops..but never stop looking.

No matter the shade of love..if you have had a chance to experience the joy it brings then count yourself blessed.

Happy valentines day.. 

Would it?

Erratic thoughts..now and then

fluid  memories..

from the distant past.

As I delve into the lyrics of  a forgotten song,

 or walk across that lush road..

where I first met you.

 When we rode through sunsets..you and me

getaways from gloomy days;

peered into the magical red sky.

What happened then?

 drifted away did we?

 yet bonded in thoughts.

Could I hope ..

to see you again someday?

 a passing glance maybe..

a little older you..less broken perhaps.

these thoughts linger ..and I ask myself..

would it ever be the same again ?

© Toothfairy,2017.